I am a filmmaker and a researcher. I draw from glassmaking and filmmaking traditions to discuss a myriad of issues, ranging from human emotions to the marvels of the universe, in ways that give meaning to the human experience. My practice branches across cultures, rarely comfortably aligning with pre-existing definitions of conventional artistic practices - it is this change and being always an outsider that enables me to maintain a curious but humble point of view towards my projects.

My practice is project-based, often within or in a close proximity to the field of glass. I am trained in traditional glassmaking techniques and see a glassmaker's set of skills as a way of thinking and talking about our society in broader terms, and take advantage of this in my projects. Over the years I have developed an approach to creative practice that combines both glass and filmmaking traditions to make work that does not have to sit easily in a specific area.

I believe that a balanced combination of skills in glassmaking and filmmaking can be a source of work that not only expands both these traditions but also creates new ways of understanding creative processes, perhaps even increasing our understanding of the world that surrounds us - education, research, and a pursuit of understanding being central to my enquiry.