Saturday 4th May 2013



Date: Thursday 2nd May 2013


I blew a thin bubble of clear glass.

For one day I carried the bubble with me at all times.

I wanted it to have the same experiences as I did.

I held it in my lap when traveling on public transport.

It sat next to me when I was listening to a lecture.

It rocked on my desk when I was working on the computer.

It stood still next to the tap when I washed my hands.

It moved in the wind on a table on a terrace when I had my lunch.

It was present when I was sweeping the glass coldshop floor.

It neighbored my sketchbook when I had a tutorial in college.

It was far enough but close enough when I prepared coffee.

It observed as I panicked when writing a birthday card.

It came with me to the bar.

I watched when other people delicately passed the bubble from hand to hand.

It was the end of the day.

I let it go back to where it had come from.

It made the most horrific sound.


Riikka Haapasaari